The Home Invasion

A family that steals together stays together

Fashion Fornicater

home invasion 2

home invasion 4

Home Invasion 3

Home Invasion

On Mitch (Outside the window)

Hat: Waz – Recon Cap

Glasses: Neon Origamy Bugeyed Goggles

Jacket – Pumpkin – Urban Hoodie Black

Jeans: [mj] #19 Cargo Pants – Black (niramyth)

On Me: (inside the window)

Jacket – Scars Biker Jacket

Ski Mask – Bad Unicorn – Stocky Ski mask

What im Quez is wearing (with the tv)

Pants: K.W. UptownJeans (Black) @ARIGATO 

Gloves: JD – GlovesMan (Red) @TMD 

Boots: FLite – WinterBoots (Black~RARE) @TheArcade 

Hair: BOL Hair (Coffees) @Unorthodox 

Tv: [BUC] – Stolen Tv @TMD 

Mask: Obscure – TacticalMask Gangsta @OBSCURE 

What Talik is wearing: (Carrying the back to the truck)

Hat: Roth Beanie by [BUC]

Glasses: Maestro Black by *SORGO

Jacket: Trap Hoody by L A U

Duffle Bag: Montana Dillinger Duffle by [BUC]

Crowbar: Christmas Crowbar by [BUC]

Shoes: xRookies (gun metal) by Flite

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